Brooks Bows

Our longbows offer the same top quality features as the Signature and Hunter lines including the uniquely curved Brooks Bow hand grip, sight window cut 1/16 past center for tunability, and action-boo core for strength and stability.

The take-down long bow is the newest addition to the Brooks Bows line-up. 
It features all the fine craftsmanship, performance, comfort, and shootability of our longbows but with the added convenience of a take-down.  Its lines are simplistic but just as striking, and the grip fills the palm with the one-of-a-kind comfort our customers have come to expect.

The longbows are available in 62, 64 and 66 inch lengths and in any of our fine domestic and exotic hardwoods and laminates.

The take-down pictured is 50 @ 28 x 64" - shedua with black glass, padauk accents, and our standard action-boo cores and is available for $740.

Longbows now in
take-down or one piece

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