Brooks Bows

Since a young age I've been driven by the desire to take things apart, analyze how they work and make them better.

Throughout my years of shooting recurves I found myself purchasing bow after bow, recutting grips, switching strings, shavings limbs and studying the dynamics of limb design and arrow flight until finally I began making my own bows.

The bows I make today are a far cry from those I made early on.  Through years of crafting one-of-a-kind bows for friends, family, and for my own personal use I've devolped a unique style that is both traditional and progressive.

I'm proud to offer bows that are hand-made one at a time using traditional craftsmanship and the finest exotic and domestic hardwoods money can buy.  Offering you a top performing bow that is accurate and forgiving while still being a thing of beauty you are proud to own is my ultimate goal.

If you haven't shot a Brooks Bow for yourself, please contact me so I can set you up with a demo bow and you can see for yourself.

                                                                                Daryl Brooks



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