Brooks Bows


The Signature one piece bow is styled like no other recurve on the market today.  It's so unique calling it traditional hardly seems fitting.

Its sleek flowing lines, curved tips, and contrasting accents, all sculpted from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods, will draw you in but the real deal starts when you place your hand in the grip and draw back.

The curvature of the grip nestles into your palm ensuring consistent hand placement and accuracy.  The sight window is cut 3/16 past center for optimal tunability.  Providing maximum strength and stability Action-boo is the core of choice in every Brooks Bow.

The Signature one piece is custom made for you in 60 or 62 inch lengths. It is available with the double stripe as pictured or the standard accent stripe as seen on the Signature TD. 

Choose your favorite combination from the woods I have in stock or contact me if you'd like to request something not on the list. I am a custom bowyer and take pride in crafting unique pieces.

The bow pictured is rosewood with quilted maple limb veneers and double accent stripes.
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