Brooks Bows

The Signature take down, like the Signature 1 piece, is all sleek flowing lines and curves hand sculpted from the finest woods money can buy with the added convenience of a takedown.

The comfortably curved grip nestles into your palm ensuring consistent hand placement and accuracy. The sight window is cut 3/16 past center for optimal tunability.  As in every Brooks Bow, Action-boo is the core of choice providing maximum strength and stability.

The Signature TD is available in 58, 60, and 62 inch lengths in any combination of the quality hardwoods or laminates in stock.  As a custom bowyer I take pride in making bows that my customers are proud to own so if there is something you would like that is not on my list please contact me.  If it's out there I'll get it for you.
The bow pictured is zebra wood and East Indian
 rosewood with the standard riser stripe.

Forget what you've heard about beauty being skin deep -
with our Signature bows it goes right to the bamboo core.

Signature TD

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